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May 09, 2019 3 min read

Let’s face it, everything comes alive in the night time, so why would markets be any different – the festivities are just so much better!

Night markets are definitely the new craze at the moment, and there’s no doubt in our mind that next week there be a new one, SO, we decided it would be a good idea to put together a short yet SWEET list of the GO-TO night markets this year in the United States.

  1. 626 Night Market - Arcadia California

626 night market arcadia california

A famous US night market that got its name from the area code of San Gabriel Valley. Most well-known for being a ‘food market’; the 626 market has a China Town-esque aesthetic – potstickers, dumplings, noodles – we can just SMELL the sticky goodness! Other than serving delicious food, the market all provides world-class entertainment and music – who doesn’t like to have a little boogie with their Pad Thai?

Read more and get more info on the 626 Night market

  1. The Food Trust Night Market - Philadelphia 

The Food Trust Night Market - Philadelphia

This isn’t your ordinary night market – it is an initiative AS WELL as a fun family affair! Founded in 1992, The Food Trust, has one mission in mind and that is to ensure everyone has access to affordable and nutritious food – a right that should be available to all, regardless of whether they can afford it or not. They pop up all over so stay tuned and support this worthy cause – make sure to have your 5 a day!

Read more about the food trust market

  1. Queens Night Market - New York

queens night market

A New York market with a BYO-Picnic – YES PLEASE! This is a night market made for all age groups with a variety of cuisines, such as Chinese, Mauritian, Burmese – if it’s exotic, they’ve got it!  Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life and wind down with the fam and watch some live music – you won’t regret it!

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  1. Saucey Night Market - Chicago

It’s all in the name really. This market got its name for being known as an ‘underground’ night market – its rarely known about, but it’s said that all the cool kids go, SO better get there before its too cool to be ‘cool’ – you know what it’s like! The market was originally linked to being sponsored by Vans, but it is now so much more than a sponsorship – it showcases local talent in Chicago, in the form of DJs, chefs and artists.

Read more about the Saucy night market in Chicago

  1. Portlands Night Market

Portland night market

This night market has taken a slightly different approach to the norm of ‘night markets. The market blends culture, food, AND retail which in turn results in an all-round over-sensory experience – not to mention they have wine. The vintage goodies also give this market character, be sure to catch the festivities twice a month in the quirky town of Portland Oregon

There it is folks, the top 5 markets that just simply CANNOT be missed this year in the US, be sure to get tickets and tell EVERYONE! Vans may be a sponsor for one of the markets, but we ALL know VELDSKOEN® shoes are the chosen ones, here and ALWAYS!

Visit the Portland Night market website 

Best shoes to wonder around a night market? yes you guessed it Vellies! Comfort, Durability, and Style all rolled into one. yewwww!!! Honestly what more could you ask for?

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Angela Watts

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