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April 18, 2019 1 min read

VELDSKOEN jumps on the bandwagon and joins in on the dance that broke the internet.

The ShiggyShow

Internet comedian and host of the ShiggyShow, Shiggy himself, was the first to release an ‘In my Feelings Challenge’ – in fact, he created the entire routine, which in turn spiraled into a worldwide social media trend. Since uploading the very first video, of Shiggy, there have been over 450 000 ‘Keke challenge’ posts. VELDSKOEN decided to join in on the madness and make a series of videos!

Moving cars and crazy dancing 

The original video was shot on a road, but since then the public has opted to make it more interesting and involve a MOVING vehicle. The craze became a safety hazard as it involved jumping out of a moving car, dancing to Drake’s song, WHILE the car moves alongside them – CRAZY! VELDSKOEN is a fashion brand and we pride ourselves on being up to date with all the latest trends, so of course, we had to add to the craze – you’ll be relieved to know all safety measures were taken!

Colors and heritage 

The fun colors of the ‘heritage’ range fit to the theme of the video and trend! Who doesn’t want to dance outside their car in iconic shoes? That’s exactly what we’re were thinking – EVERYONE wants to!         

Angela Watts
Angela Watts

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Men's Heritage Veldskoen (Bloem Orange)

Simply the Best

I recently purchased the Men's Heritage Veldskoen (Farmer Grey) and was immediately impressed by the quality of the craftsmanship. Upon trying them on for the first time I especially noted the comfort of the insole and quite frankly the outer sole of the shoe is the best I have seen on a boot of this class. It is a quality product that I enjoy wearing and would highly recommend.

Love Orange Pop of Color!

I’ve had many complements on the color and styling. Overall, the shoe is pretty comfortable. It does need an arch supporting insole. For the price, that is expected. I am looking into finding an insole that will work. Shoes are great for low walking events, but not a full day on the stroll. Thanks!

perfection, right from the box

i was so excited to see the bellies i ordered! the violet soles and laces add so much character. i put them on, walked out of the house, went to work and wore them all day long with absolutely no chafing or problems. you wouldn’t have even known i was wearing brand new shoes that would usually require a breaking in period.
i say pick a color and go for it! i doubt you’ll regret it!!

Great comfortable fun shoes

Comfortable as advertised, high quality, fun looking shoes.
Sizing runs a little bigger than the American