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June 13, 2019 3 min read

There’s no such thing as ‘office meetings’ these days – coffee shops have become ‘on-the-go’ board rooms/offices/meeting places. The working world is changing, and coffee and coffee shops are a big part of it! And we don't mean Starbucks, although the biggest chain in the world played a big part in the coffee shop revolution to a community meeting place. We wanted to find the best independently run coffee shops that produce more than just a cuppa-joe, Coffee shops that give you a place to enjoy, meet friends and feel a part of the local community. Coffee shops are fast becoming to America what the English pub is to England

Have a read and take a look at some of the hottest coffee shops in LA at the moment to grab that magic bean water – you know that amazing warm hug in a cup, which has the power to instantly make you into a morning person? Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves – okay, it makes Monday morning BEARABLE!

  1. Dinosaur Coffee

There’s nothing prehistoric about this little gem – it’s known for its modern and quirky aesthetic. It’s a casual spot found on the strip of Sunset Blvd, 4334 to be exact. Grab a made-to-order cuppa and a delish pastry on-the-go, it will set you up for a prosperous day!

  1. Civil Coffee

It’s a good day to be civil”– we love a cheeky quote! The best thing about this café is that it started from humble beginnings, quite literally! They began operating from the back of a pick-up with a single espresso machine and a DIY cart. The food is unreal and MOREISH, did someone say fried chicken and blueberry waffles?

Civil Coffee

  1. Eightfold Coffee

There are two words that come to mind with this spot – minimalist and industrial. Eightfold is new to the Sunset Blvd strip, but you can never have too many coffee shops. Go green and try their Matcha latte, it’s real earthy! The chic interior makes for the perfect meeting spot, whether it be professional or personal.

  1. Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffeeis a coffee roaster and retailer located in Oaklands, California. Read up on the history of the beans and have a look at their merch! Taste the authenticity and then get yourself a bag of their coffee – so you don’t have to go without the taste. They’re located all over, so don’t fear – either way, you’re in for a treat.


  1. G+ B Coffee

Situated on Broadway street, 317 S, this little relaxed coffee shop is all anyone ever needs to brighten up their day – also, it kind of sounds like G & T. The café is known for their tea ‘creations’, sounds exotic! The Fizzy Hoppy tea stands out among the rest, but there’s a tea to satisfy all the crazy taste buds out there!

g+b have various locations around the city

  1. Intelligentsia coffee

Intelligentsia started way back in 1995 by founders Doug Zell and Emily Mange, when finding great tasting, fresh roasted coffee was surprisingly elusive. The relocated to Chicago eclectic lakeview neighborhood where they roasted their coffee in-store with antique equipment.

From those humble beginnings they have grown to include, Roasting Works, and training labs, "we now make our home in six quintessential American cities, each possessing distinctive characteristics that resonate within the Intelligentsia brand." say the founders. Intelligentsia can be found on the famed Abbott Kinney blvd in Venice Beach, Silver lake, Pasadena and Hollywood.


Coffee culture is booming at the minute, and you want to make sure you are trying ALL the best blends from THE MOST popular places – we’ve got you started, now you can do the rest!

Angela Watts
Angela Watts

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